About Us

About Us

As said by great ones, “how you start predicts how you all lead”. The story behind our establishment goes back to the wonderful year 2011, a group of talented, young and experienced technocrats came together with a single motto to deliver nothing but excellence.

Delivering excellence was a common virtue which was shared by everyone in Prestige Point, the founders, the mentors, the staff and the students. Due to our commitment, we have been able to attract the top-notch Information Technology giants since our inception. Our versatility was visible through the organizations that visited us in due course of time. From multinational IT vendors like Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc. to the specialists like Panasonic, Vedanta, L&T, Volkswagen etc. was associated with us by absorbing our students as a part of their employee base.

Prestige Point lays a strong emphasis on training the students conceptually, we believe in doing things exceptionally well by going into their roots. We make our students fully equipped by exposing their brains to the skillful masters which sculpt them to absorb the critical concepts of technology. We provide our students an ambiance in which they feel it easy to focus on gaining the most from classroom. A healthy sense of competition is prevailed among our students so as to encourage them to take up the challenges.

We believe in providing our students what is desired most by the software giants, they look out for talents with the power to grasp technical know-how with an ability to communicate naturally. In our target placement programs we try to inculcate the capabilities to communicate in the most expressive ways every student can.

We at Prestige Point not only train students, we also help them to pursue their dream in this technical world. We provide them the counseling which helps them in targeting their energies in the right direction. We believe in giving our students the right kind of guidance, by giving them a chance to speak to the experts directly from the industry, by organizing workshops frequently.

We at Prestige Point take it as our responsibility towards this society, nation and humanity to create such individuals which can benefit the people of their surroundings, organization and the country by building solutions which can make the life of every human much easier than their earlier days.

We at Prestige Point believe in delivering excellence and creating assets for this universe. Come, join us in this journey. Feel free to share your thoughts by writing us at hrd@prestigepoint.in.


“Prestige Point, Indore, is one of the top Training Institution in the M.P. As an institute of excellence we aim to provide high-quality technical education, action-centric corporate training and value-added consulting. Our vision is to create future Software Developers, Lead and Managers who develop, lead and manage powerful organizations in the emerging corporate landscape. The curricula of corporate training are industry oriented based on best global practices.

The mission of Prestige Point is to exceed students’ expectations by providing outstanding training through innovations created by talented, satisfied employees, while positively contributing to technical society. We believe that our students’ satisfaction and thus their loyalty are our success. Our overall Corporate Training attitude is shaped by our overall value care.

Neeraj Paliwal
(MCA , ME (CSE) )