Aspects of Basics of Java :

  • Basics of Java ( Java - What, Where and Why? , History and Features of Java , Internals of Java Program , Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM , Internal Details of JVM , Variable and Data Type , Unicode System , Naming Convention )

  • Aspects of OOPS Concepts :

  • OOPS Concepts ( Advantage of OOPs , Object and Class , Method Overloading , Constructor , static variable, method and block , this keyword , Inheritance (IS-A), Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A) Method Overriding , Covariant Return Type , super keyword , Instance Initializer block , final keyword , Runtime Polymorphism static and Dynamic binding , Abstract class and Interface , Downcasting with instanceof operator , Package and Access Modifiers Encapsulation , Object class , Object Cloning , Java Array , Call By Value and Call By Reference , strictfp keyword Creating API Document )


Aspects of Exception Handling

  • Exception Handling ( Exception Handling : What and Why? , try and catch block , Multiple catch block Nested try , finally block , throw keyword , Exception Propagation , throws keyword , Exception Handling with Method Overriding Custom Exception )

  • Aspects of Input and output:

  • Input and output ( FileOutputStream & FileInputStream , ByteArrayOutputStream , SequenceInputStream , BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream , FileWriter & FileReader , CharArrayWriter , Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader , Input from keyboard by Console , Input from keyboard by Scanner , PrintStream class , PrintWriter class , Compressing and Uncompressing File , Reading and Writing data simultaneously , DataInputStream and DataOutputStream , StreamTokenizer class )

  • Aspects of Serialization:

  • Serialization ( Serialization & Deserialization , Serialization with IS-A and Has-A , transient keyword )


Aspects of Multithreading :

  • Multithreading ( Multithreading : What and Why? , Life Cycle of a Thread , Creating Thread , Thread Schedular , Sleeping a thread , Joining a thread , Thread Priority , Daemon Thread , Thread Pooling , Thread Group , ShutdownHook , Performing multiple task by multiple thread , Garbage Collection , Runnable class )

  • Aspects of Collection:

  • Collection ( Collection Framework , ArrayList class , LinkedList class , ListIterator interface , HashSet class , LinkedHashSet class , TreeSet class , PriorityQueue class , ArrayDeque class , Map interface , HashMap class , LinkedHashMap class , TreeMap class , Hashtable class , Comparable and Comparator , Properties class )


Android Training

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

Android Training

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