C++ Language

C++ Language
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C++ Training in Indore

We at Prestige Point, Best institute for C & C++ training in Indore. Our industry expert faculties make all the concepts of C++ clear.

C++ is the most essential programming language to understand the concepts of programming. The clear concepts of C++ help students to solve complex programs.

Why Learn C++ ?

1. C++ Popularity and High Salary

C++ is one of the most popular language in the world. More than 4.4 million developers use C++ programming.

2. C++ has Abundant Library Support

C++ has the Standard Template Library(STL) that is very useful for developers, as with the help of STL writing a code is compact and simple. The major components of STL are algorithms, containers, functions, and iterators.

3. C++ has a Large Community

There is a very huge online community of C++ developers available who can help whenever required.

c plus plus
c++ training institute in indore

Applications of C++

  • C++ In Databases
  • C++ In Operating Systems
  • C++ In Compilers
  • C++ In Web Browsers
  • C++ In Graphics
  • C++ In Embedded Systems



Our expert trainers designed the curriculum to make the core of C++ programming more easy to understand. The curriculum for C++ training is as follows:


Duration- 1.5 Month
  • C++ Overview

    • C++ Characteristics
      Object-Oriented Terminology
      Object-Oriented Paradigm
      Abstract Data Types
      I/O Services
      Standard Template Library
      Standards Compliance


  • Functions and Variables

    • Functions: Declaration and Definition
      Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope
      Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data
      Arrays and Strings in C++
  • Classes in C++

    • Defining Classes in C++
      Classes and Encapsulation
      Member Functions
      Instantiating and Using Classes
      Using Constructors
      Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists
      Using Destructors to Destroy Instances
  • Operator Overloading

    • Operator Overloading
      Working with Overloaded Operator Methods
  • Initialization and Assignment

    • Initialization vs. Assignment
      The Copy Constructor
      Assigning Values
      Specialized Constructors and Methods
      Constant and Static Class Members
  • Storage Management

    • Memory Allocation Dynamic Allocation: new and delete
  • Inheritance

    • Overview of Inheritance
      Defining Base and Derived Classes
      Constructor and Destructor Calls
  • Polymorphism

    • Overview of Polymorphism
  • Input and Output in C++ Programs

    • Standard Streams
      Unformatted Input and Output
      File Input and Output
  • Exceptions

    • Exceptions
      Inheritance and Exceptions
      Exception Hierarchies
      Inside an Exception Handler
  • Templates

    • Template Overview
      Customizing a Templated Method
      Standard Template Library Containers

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