Aspects of Introduction to JAVA :

  • Introduction to JAVA , from C to JAVA, Byte Code

  • The JAVA buzzwords: Simple , Objectoriented , Rhobust,secure,portable,Multithreaded

  • Architecture-Neutral,Interpreted and High performance

  • Distributed, Dynamic, Java Virtual Machine

  • Aspects of OOPS Concepts :

  • Object-oriented programming principles, Creating

  • Compiling and running Java programs, white spaces

  • Identifiers, Literals, Comments, Separators

  • Java keywords, Data types, variables and arrays

  • Operators- Arithmetic, Bitwise, Relational, Boolean, Assignment,?: and Operator precedence

  • Control Statements: Selection Statements, iterations statement and jump statements


Aspects of Introducing classes :

  • Introducing classes, general form of class , declaring objects, member of a class

  • Introducing methods, constructors, this keyword, garbage collection, finalize() method

  • overloading method, overloading constructors, using object as a parameter & returning objects

  • Introducing access control, static keyword, final keyword, Nested & inner classes, string classes

  • Aspects of Inheritance :

  • Inheritance Basics, using super, creating multilevel key, constructor calling

  • method overriding, dynamic method, dispatch, abstract classes, using final and inheritance

  • Packages, access protection, importing packages, interfaces, defining

  • implementation and applying interfaces, variable in interfaces & inheriting interfaces


Aspects of Exception Handling

  • Exception Handling fundamentals, using try & catch, multiple catch clauses

  • nested try statement, use of throw, throws and finally

  • Aspects of Java Collective Frame Work

  • Data Structures: Introduction, Type-Wrapper Classes for Primitive Types, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Linked List, Stack, Queues, Trees

  • Generics: Introduction, Overloading Generic Methods, Generic Classes, Collections: Interface Collection and Class Collections, Lists, Array List and Iterator, Linked List, Vector

  • Algorithm binary Search, Algorithms add All, Stack Class of Package java. Util

  • Class Priority Queue and Interface Queue, Maps, Properties Class, Un-modifiable Collections


Aspects of Advance Java Features:

  • Multithreading: Thread States, Priorities and Thread Scheduling, Life Cycle of a Thread, Thread Synchronization

  • Creating and Executing Threads, Multithreading with GUI, Monitors and Monitor Locks

  • Networking: Manipulating URLs, Reading a file on a Web Server, Socket programming, Security and the Network, RMI, Networking

  • Accessing Databases with JDBC: Relational Database, SQL, MySQL, Oracle



Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

Core Java Courses

We have designed a syllabus which will help a student to take its first step in programming.
Our technical mentors provide a conceptual clarity to the students and encourage them to practice it on the machines. We offer three course bouquets which cater the needs of students from different educational levels and backgrounds.

Course bouquets:

Core Java Training
Modules Core Java

Introduction to JAVA , OOPS Concepts

Introducing classes , Inheritance

Exception Handling , Java Collective Frame Work

Advance Java Features

Projects Live project in Core Java
Tools Netbeans, Eclipse etc.

Our programs are typically designed to cater the specific needs; their wide technical coverage gives an additional benefit to the students in their performance in respective undergraduate courses.

For more information on our courses, reach us at

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  • M.C.A., M.Sc(CS), M.Sc (IT), M.Tech
  • BE- CS ,Mech , IT Engg, EC, Ex
  • B.C.A, B.Sc (CS), B.Tech
  • Excellent Communication skills