Aspects of Core Java:

  • Basics of Java ( Java - What, Where and Why? , History and Features of Java , Internals of Java Program , Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM , Internal Details of JVM , Variable and Data Type , Unicode System , Naming Convention )

  • OOPS Concepts ( Advantage of OOPs , Object and Class , Method Overloading , Constructor , static variable, method and block , this keyword , Inheritance (IS-A), Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A) Method Overriding , Covariant Return Type , super keyword , Instance Initializer block , final keyword , Runtime Polymorphism static and Dynamic binding , Abstract class and Interface , Downcasting with instanceof operator , Package and Access Modifiers Encapsulation , Object class , Object Cloning , Java Array , Call By Value and Call By Reference , strictfp keyword Creating API Document )

  • Reflection API ( Reflection API , newInstance() & Determining the class object , javap tool creating javap tool , creating appletviewer , Accessing private method from outside the class )String Handling

  • String Handling ( String : What and Why? , Immutable String , String Comparison , String Concatenation Substring , Methods of String class , StringBuffer class , StringBuilder class , Creating Immutable class , toString method StringTokenizer class )

  • Generics in Java , Java Regex

  • Exception Handling ( Exception Handling : What and Why? , try and catch block , Multiple catch block Nested try , finally block , throw keyword , Exception Propagation , throws keyword , Exception Handling with Method Overriding Custom Exception )

  • Nested Classes , Input and output,Serialization,Collection

  • Multithreading , Synchronization

  • JDBC , Java New Features


Aspects of JDBC (Database):

  • JDBC Drivers , Steps to connect to the database , Connectivity with Oracle , Connectivity with MySQL , Connectivity with Access without DSN

  • DriverManager

  • Connection interface , Statement interface , ResultSet interface

  • PreparedStatement , ResultSetMetaData , DatabaseMetaData , Storing image , Retrieving image , Storing file , Retrieving file

  • Stored procedures and functions

  • Transaction Management

  • Batch Processing

  • JDBC New Features

  • Mini Project


Aspects of Servlet:

  • Basics of Servlet ( Servlet: What and Why? , Client Server Architecture , Basics of Web , Servlet API Servlet Interface , GenericServlet , HttpServlet , Servlet Life Cycle , Working with Apache Tomcat Server , Steps to create a servlet in Tomcat How servlet works? , servlet in Myeclipse , servlet in Eclipse , servlet in Netbeans )

  • ServletRequest ( ServletRequest methods , Registration example with DB )

  • Servlet Collaboration , ServletConfig , ServletContext , Attribute , Session Tracking , Event and Listener , Filter , ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream , Annotation Servlet

  • Aspects of JSP:

  • Basics of JSP ( Life cycle of JSP , JSP API , JSP in Eclipse and other IDE's

  • Scripting elements ,9 Implicit Objects ,Directive Elements , Exception Handling , Action Elements

  • Expression Language , MVC in JSP , JSTL , Custom tags

  • Project Development in JSP


Java Industrial Training

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

Java Industrial Training

We believe in laying a strong foundation to strengthen the structure of career that shall prevail in this industry. We have a group of highly experienced technologists who believe in a new way of teaching, they say "Do it yourself". The philosophy is simple; to learn things, just do things. Our technical mentors provide a conceptual clarity to the students and encourage them to practice it on the machines. We offer three course bouquets which cater the needs of students from different educational levels and backgrounds.

Course bouquets:

Java Industrial Training
Target Introductory interface between students & the industry.
Modules Core Java, Advanced Java, Frameworks.

Complete core java concepts latest till java 8.

JDBC (Database)

Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP)

Projects Live project development & deployment (All phases)

Our programs are typically designed to cater the specific needs; their wide technical coverage gives an additional benefit to the students in their performance in respective undergraduate courses.

For more information on our courses, reach us at

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  • M.C.A., M.Sc(CS), M.Sc (IT), M.Tech
  • BE- CS ,Mech , IT Engg, EC, Ex
  • B.C.A, B.Sc (CS), B.Tech
  • Excellent Communication skills