Aspects of Javascript :

  • Introduction to Javascript , Three ways to use Javascript , Working with events , Client-side Validation

  • Aspects of Jquery

  • Introduction to JQuery , Validation using JQuery , JQuery Forms , JQuery Examples

  • Aspects of Ajax :

  • Introduction to AJAX , Servlet and JSP with AJAX , Interacting with database


Web Technology

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

Web Technology Course

We have designed a syllabus which will help a student to take its first step in programming.
Our technical mentors provide a conceptual clarity to the students and encourage them to practice it on the machines. We offer three course bouquets which cater the needs of students from different educational levels and backgrounds.

Course bouquets:

Web Technology Course
Modules Web Technology

Javascript , Jquery , Ajax

Projects Live project in Javascript , Jquery , Ajax
Tools Dreamweaver

Our programs are typically designed to cater the specific needs; their wide technical coverage gives an additional benefit to the students in their performance in respective undergraduate courses.

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  • M.C.A., M.Sc(CS), M.Sc (IT), M.Tech
  • BE- CS ,Mech , IT Engg, EC, Ex
  • B.C.A, B.Sc (CS), B.Tech
  • Excellent Communication skills