Introduction :

  • History, Features, Setting up path

  • Working with Python, Basic Syntax, Variable and Data Types, Operator

  • Conditional Statements :

  • If,If- else

  • Nested if-else

  • Looping :

  • For, While

  • Nested loops


Control Statements :

  • Break

  • Continue

  • Pass

  • String Manipulation :

  • Accessing Strings, Basic Operations

  • String slices

  • Function and Methods

  • Lists :

  • Introduction, Accessing list

  • Operations, Working with lists

  • Function and Methods


Tuple :

  • Introduction, Accessing tuples

  • Operations, Working

  • Functions and Methods

  • Dictionaries :

  • Introduction

  • Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries

  • Properties, Functions

  • Functions :

  • Defining a function, Calling a function

  • Types of functions, Function Arguments

  • Anonymous functions, Global and local variables


Aspects of Modules:

  • Importing module, Math module

  • Random module, Packages

  • Composition

  • Aspects of Input-Output:

  • Printing on screen, Reading data from keyboard

  • Opening and closing file, Reading and writing files

  • Functions

  • Aspects of Exception Handling:

  • Exception, Exception Handling

  • Except clause, Try ? finally clause

  • User Defined Exceptions


Aspects of Advance Python :

  • OOPs concept(Class and object, Attributes, Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding, Data hiding )

  • Regular expressions( Match function, Search function, Matching VS Searching, Modifiers, Patterns )

  • CGI( Introductio, Architecture, CGI environment variable, GET and POST methods, Cookies collection , File upload)

  • Database( Introduction, Connections, Executing queries, Transactions, Handling error ),Networking

  • Spring JDBC( JdbcTemplate Example, PreparedStatement, ResultSetExtractor, RowMapper, NamedParameter SimpleJdbcTemplate )

  • Multithreading (Thread, Starting a thread, Threading module, Synchronizing threads, Multithreaded Priority Queue )

  • GUI Programming( Introduction, Tkinter programming, Tkinter widgets )


Python Training

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

Python Training

We believe in laying a strong foundation to strengthen the structure of career that shall prevail in this industry. We have a group of highly experienced technologists who believe in a new way of teaching, they say "Do it yourself". The philosophy is simple; to learn things, just do things. Our technical mentors provide a conceptual clarity to the students and encourage them to practice it on the machines. We offer three course bouquets which cater the needs of students from different educational levels and backgrounds.

Course bouquets:

Python Training
Target Complete solution for campus to corporate induction.
Modules Core Python, Advanced Python, Frameworks.
Projects Live project development & deployment (All phases)
Tools Netbeans, Eclipse etc.

Our programs are typically designed to cater the specific needs; their wide technical coverage gives an additional benefit to the students in their performance in respective undergraduate courses.

For more information on our courses, reach us at

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  • M.C.A., M.Sc(CS), M.Sc (IT), M.Tech
  • BE- CS ,Mech , IT Engg, EC, Ex
  • B.C.A, B.Sc (CS), B.Tech
  • Excellent Communication skills