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Team of Best trainers for Java, Php, Python, Android, MEAN, Angular, Big Data, Digital Marketing & BDE/BA

We at Prestige Point have team of highly skilled and experienced trainers for all our training programs for Corporate Training and Industrial Training. 

Prestige Point provide best training in all the major programming languages from the leaders of industry.

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Neeraj Paliwal

Neeraj Paliwal a highly accomplished and renowned Corporate Trainer has an extensive work experience of 20 years.

Neeraj holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Holkar College, Devi Ahilya University, following which he went on to pursue his MCA, from the esteemed M.I.T.S ,Gwalior. Later he completed his M.E (CSE) from IPS Academy,Indore.

As a Corporate Trainer, he has been providing training in various tools and technologies. Worked as a Corporate Trainer for various companies like Zensar, Cognizant, etc. Also provided Corporate Training in colleges like- Bansal College, CDGI , etc.


He is experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong professional skilled in PHP, Java,

DB Design, SQL, PL-SQL, MySQL, Oracle

Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Spring, SpringBoot

Web Technologies (HTML, CSS,

Java Script, jQuery)

MEAN Stack Technologies

Tools: Junit, Git, Eclipse, SQLYog, Workbench, etc

Neeraj Paliwal
(MCA , ME (CSE) )

Ajay Jirati

Mr. Ajay Jirati is a man with a mission, and his mission is “to know every individual’s professional requirement and help them in reaching their true potential”. He is a highly experienced in Requirements & Functional Analysis, Design, Development and Testing for mid and large sized projects, which brings in his immense knowledge, which is an advantage for students & professionals for undestanding the actual working process of IT Industry.

He is 9 years experienced in the field of Information Technology and worked in  companies named Trigyn, iGate, Diaspark, Yash and Aartek. He has made significant contribution to the success of projects in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Government Project, Process and Services, Solutions, Product Development. He has been a corporate trainer for more than 7years.

He has done Masters in Computer Application (MCA). He is experienced in Software Design and Development (OO Concepts), solving business problems in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Supply Chain Management domain and had worked on projects for clients primarily in UK, Canada, USA, Japan and India. He has an expertise in leading teams, Project Management, Task Estimation and Delegation, Trainings, GUI Design, Database Design, Coding, Performance Tuning and Resource Optimization.

Mr. Ajay started his journey as a programmer, charted new career heights by getting into senior technical & management positions. He is serving as Technical Lead in his career, commendably owning the complete responsibility of managing new business units and projects. His leadership skills are widely appreciated. He also trained a large number of students & professionals, which are working on high position in IT companies.

It is his love for trainings and spreading his knowledge lead him to be a important part of Prestige Point. What makes his way of training more effective than most of his contemporaries is his way of teaching. He developed a training process involving a lot of case studies, role plays and other fun activities which helps each individual attending the training to grasp the knowledge to the fullest. Proficient in development of Enterprise application with the below mentioned  technologies and language.

Technology : Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, Spring RESTFUL WebServices, Jersey web services, Eclipse RCP, Servlets, Jsp, Jquery, Ajax, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Junit, Mockito Framework, JavaFX, Elastic search, Struts, Theme Leaf, Swagger.
Data Bases : MySQL, Oracle, Mssql, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra.
Operating Systems : Windows, ubuntu, Linux.
Development Tools : Eclipse 3.x, STS.
Additional : Maven, SVN, GIT, JIRA, Stash, Bambo, Conflunce, Rally, AWS, Vaadin, Crystal Report, Micro Services, Google Spreed Sheet.
Server: Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere.

Ravi Kashyap

Ravi  is a Software Engineer & Technical Trainer with over 3 years of Experience in Development. He has established his expertise in Fullstack, MEAN Stack, Java development.

In short span of duration he built a strong command over technology, team handling and client interaction. Through providing training, he is passing his knowledge to other candidates, which plays a major role in candidate life for transforming his career. He had completed Bachelor of Engineering in the department of Computer Science. He had worked on different domain projects like Educational, Energy, Marketing, Realstate & Transport. He has rich experience in development & training. In training he covered each & every topic practically which clear each & every concept and boost confidence incandidate which plays a major role in student career.


Technical Skills& Expertise mentioned below:

Programming Languages: C, C++ Java

Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, Angular 2,4,6,8,9

Application Framework: Spring

ORM Framework:  Hibernate

Web Server: Apache Tomcat

Development IDE:  Netbeans, Eclipse, VS Code and Notepad++

Project Tools: NPM

Runtime Environment: NodeJS

NodeJS Framework: ExpressJS

Database Systems: Oracle Database 10g, MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB

DTP Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Other Tools and Technologies: Angular Testing, Jenkins, Webpack

Design and Modeling: SDLC, UML

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Bhakti Parashar

Bhakti is an Independent Trainer with over 8 years of Experience in Teaching. She has established his expertise in Front End Technologies like HTML , CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, BootStrap, Angular and PHP, MySQL, Content Management System (WordPress).

In training she covered each & every topic practically. She was also worked as professor in Engineering College in IT Department. She had completed Bachelor of Engineering in the department of Information and Technology. She is having Teaching & Industry Experience.

She got rich experience in Training industry guiding a number of people in Web Designing & PHP. She has been taking Web Designing and PHP sessions in Engineering College & Institute for the last over 8 years and response of her sessions are received very well. 

Arun Singh

A Software Architect, Project Manager, Corporate Trainer who believes in sharing knowledge and making individual master in technology. Arun is a multifaceted personality excelling with the training and is an extremely efficient Software Architect for various development Projects. He has passion towards Software Training and is highly experienced in delivering customized training as per the needs of the client. He specializes in writing performance-oriented code and believes firmly in transforming his students with the same approach in building applications.


He is perfectionist who believes in giving the real essence of technology to the learner. This uniqueness has made him earn a strong foothold in the I.T training industry. Post graduate (MCA- Master of Computer Applications) with a professional experience of  14 years is a Certified Scrum Master and SAFe 4 Certified Practioner. He is serving as Project Manager in his career, commendably owning the complete responsibility of managing new business units and worked in  companies named Capgemini, Mastek and etc. His expertise includes Oracle, Java, Java EE, XML and Web Services.

He has managed trained, mentored and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field which make him an important part of Prestige Point. He has an expertise in leading teams, Project Management, Task Estimation and Delegation, Training, GUI Design, Database Design, Coding, Performance Tuning and Resource Optimization. He is experienced in Software Design and Development, solving business problems in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Retail domain and had worked on projects for clients primarily in UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India. He traveled and worked across different geographies as UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and few more to understand the clients business need and completed them with the proper blend of technologies. Proficient in development of Enterprise application with the below mentioned  technologies and language.

Language: Java

Java Frameworks: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Security,Spring Boot, Spring MVC
Java EE Stack: Webserivces, XML, JaxB Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish , Weblogic, WebSphere
Database: Oracle, MySQL & Postgres
Operating System: Ubuntu, Linux, Windows

Sunny Raikwar

Sunny is a Software Developer & Technical Trainer with 7+ Years of Design, Development and Architect & Teaching Experience.

He is highly energetic and passionate to share knowledge. He is also a corporate trainer for open source technologies. Sunny has Bachelor’s & Master’s in Computer Applications and M.Tech in Computer Science. He is also pursuing his Ph.d. He is a Certified Trainer.

He worked on projects of different domain i.e Education, Automation. E-governance, E-Commerce, Business, Cryptography and worked for different clients i.e India, U.K, European countries, etc..

He had conducted multiple workshops & training sessions on Python, Machine Learning. Also provided Professional Training program on Python for software professionals at Diaspark Infotech.

Some of his Publications-

1. Security Modeling of Parametric Capturing Tool (PCT) in Analytical layer Service for e-Learning Resources I

2. Various Neural Network Approaches Towards Cryptanalysis : A Survey

3. DC-model for quality improvement in technical education.

4. Challenges Associated With Automation of NPO

5. Challenging Issues in migrating Desktop application to web based application


Programming: C, Python, Ruby, PHP

Database : Mysql

Web-technologies: Django, Ruby on Rails , HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Libraries: Knockout.js, Twitter Bootstrap,

Operating Systems: *nix, Ubuntu, Windows

Tools: AWS, Digital Ocean, GitHub, Bit Bucket